Sedres Maritime Co. Ltd

With our presence at all major ports in KSA, backed by a quarter century of professional experience, Sedres Maritime provides local expertise and insights required to achieve smooth clearances, hassle-free cargo operations and the quick dispatch of vessels under our agency.

Sedres is committed to focus on our core geography and activities to ensure we remain the best at taking care of our clients’ interests while their vessels are under our agency at KSA ports. Our services suit all different stake-holders connected with the maritime industry, ranging from Charterers, Owners, Brokers and different kinds of vessels, as Tankers, Bulk vessels, Break-bulk vessels, Liner vessels, etc.

Why Choose Us

ISO 9001:2015 quality certification is the testimony of consistency and standardization in our service deliveries.

Over 25 year Excellence

Since our establishment in 1993, we are providing the most efficient, though economical end to end Supply Chain Solutions to our clients.

Comprehensive Agency Services

All your Shipping Agency needs are covered. Our services offering include:

  • Full agency services
  • Protective agency services
  • Husbandry services
  • Bunker call services


Local knowledge, expertise and Transparent Pro-forma and final DA handling

We’re one of Saudi Arabia’s most comprehensive independent agency networks, offices at all major Saudi ports.